Safety is important

Safety is important

Thousands of people trust us with sensitive data, and we take that responsibility seriously. We heavily focus on data security and use only up-to-date and proven data storage solutions.

Data storage and transmission

We carefully select data storage centers and only work with the best. We ensure that they use advanced and secure technology, store data in an encrypted format, and do not lose information.

Data transmission occurs only over a secure protocol, and personal data is only accessible through your user-specific access key.

Data access

We use single sign-on technology to protect user accounts. It is a convenient and highly reliable data protection system that allows only you, the owner, to access data, using only devices you allow. When data is processed by Ornament employees for additional verification, they only see anonymous forms — no personal data is ever accessed by anyone but you.


Ornament does not need your name to find the best way to monitor your health. You can use Ornament with any name — even a fictional one. No verification is required to use the application.

We don’t store or even see payment data: payment is processed through the App Store or Google Play.

Details on how data is used can be found in our Privacy Policy.