Ornament — an app to help monitor your health

Ornament carefully stores the results of analyses, checks them against reference values, and constructs graphs. And this is only the beginning.

Our goal is to create a system that will report on the state of the body in real-time, like the dashboard of a car. We want people around the world to get used to thinking about health as part of everyday life, to check it regularly and without stress or emergencies.


Ornament is an idea – meet the people who are bringing it to life


Snezhana Gurina


88 mcg/L


Snezhana is our head visionary and the mastermind behind the project. She is the inventor of Ornament. After the birth of her children, Snezhana decided she had to pay more careful attention to her everyday health, and especially monitor her iron levels.


Dmitry Zholobov

Glucose, Fasting

4.9 mmol/L


Dmitry is our Operations Director. He is always either making things happen or thinking about the best way to make things happen. Dmitry has to monitor his glucose levels to maintain his own operating at maximum health.


Elina Sharifullina, MD, PhD

Platelel Count

298 ×10⁹/L


Meet Elina, our team’s health and science expert She knows how to prevent illness – keep an eye on the lumen of vessels and the blood flow. That is why Elina regularly checks her platelet count.


Ekaterina Fedyunina

Varicelld Zoster Virus, IgG qualitative



This is Kate, our Head of Marketing, responsible for attracting and retaining users. As a child, Kate was rarely sick and she is keen to keep it going. She checks her immune system and does antibody tests.


Anatoly Zenkov


137 g/L


This is Anatoly, the Art Director. Anatoly makes things beautiful. When he goes “Ah!” he knows something has been made right, and the oxygen in his blood gets pumped up.


Kirill Ezhemenskii


4 mmol/L


This is Kirill — our Chief Technical Officer. Kirill is responsible for our technologies and the entire application’s code, so he has to spend a lot of time at the computer. And make sure he’s eating healthy, not greasy snacks.


George Pirkulov

Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy

49 ng/L


This is George. He is responsible for business development — he leads strategic projects, and seeks out partners. George spends a lot of time in offices, so he doesn’t get enough sun — vitamins help make up for that.

Team Photo
Team Photo
Team Photo
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The Ornament Development Team and #tetrischallenge. ^_^

Our philosophy here at Ornament is to do good for ourselves and for others. We boost our health by using the app and reviewing the numbers over time, and other people’s health by being frequent blood drive donors.

Position available

Senior backend Python developer in team developing healthcare mobile application

Location: Budva, Montenegro
Office/Remote: office
Employment: full-time

Our current backend stack
Python, Flask, SqlAlchem, uWSGI, Redis cluster, PostgreSQL, MySQL, GraphQL, REST



We made Ornament to fill a common need, one we share with many other people. Helping solve our own problems, we wanted to help other people solve their problems as well.
Ornament’s basic function is to keep track of medical test results and make their meaning easier to understand. It’s free and will always be free. In the future, we will support the free app by adding paid options, for example: consultations with specialists, requests for a phlebotomist, the sale of kits for self-testing — and much more.

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