Ornament — an application that helps monitor health

Ornament carefully stores the results of analyses, checks the reference values, and constructs graphs. And this, of course, is only the beginning.

Our goal is to create a system that will report on the state of the body in real-time, like the dashboard of a car. Health is important, and we want people around the world to get used to thinking about it regularly and without stress; to make it a part of everyday life.


Ornament is an idea and the people who are trying to bring it to life


Snezhana Gurina


88 mcg/L


Snezhana is our head visionary and the mastermind behind the project. It was she who invented Ornament. After the birth of her children, it became very important to Snezhana to pay more careful attention to her health and monitor her iron levels.

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The Ornament Development Team and #tetrischallenge. ^_^

You can’t make a good thing and not use it yourself. That’s our philosophy here at Ornament — we regularly donate blood, upload our results to the application and review the numbers over time.


Senior backend Python developer in team developing healthcare mobile application

Location: Budva, Montenegro
Office/Remote: office
Employment: full-time

Our current backend stack
Python, Flask, SqlAlchemy, uWSGI, Redis cluster, PostgreSQL, MySQL, GraphQL, REST



Ornament is the product that we need. It solves the problems that many have, and with which we are also familiar.
Ornament’s basic functions are to process and store analyses. It’s free and will always be free. In the future, we plan to add paid options with which the application can become profitable. For example: consultations with specialists, requests for a phlebotomist, the sale of kits for self-testing — and much more.

Monitor your results with Ornament, the easiest and most interesting way to keep your health in order.

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