Ornament Community Rules

Be kind

Здесь мы пишем без мата, оскорблений, перехода на личности и троллинга.

Be useful

There we have topics about health and medicine. Write only if You really think it matters. Spam and advertise messages are restricted.

Take care of other's feelings

Health discussions are a very sensitive and personal. Act nice and gentle. No offtopic and no materials which could possibly hurt anybody.

Don't forget about safety and responsibility

На всякий случай не указывайте ваши электронные адреса, телефоны и другие контактные данные. Если в сообществе вам дают медицинский совет, ничего не делайте без консультации с вашим врачом.

Rules are important

If content breaks the rules, moderators are able to delete topics, texts, etc. Systematically breaking rules could be a reason for ban.