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Health is important, and we want people all over the world to get used to thinking about it regularly and without stress. To make it a part of everyday life. To do this, we have created the Insights feature in Ornament for users to share their opinions. We believe that through the exchange of opinions and personal experiences, users can receive useful information to better take care of their health.

We strive to create a safe environment for discussing health and wellness. Insights Guidelines explain what is and is not allowed within Ornament discussions. Insights Guidelines apply to all users, as well as to all types of posts (comments, replies to comments, etc.).

Users can report posts that potentially violate Insights Guidelines by contacting support at hello@ornament.health or through the app by navigating to Settings -> Ask the Support Team.

Ornament is for informational purposes and personal use only. Ornament is not a licensed medical institution, and therefore we do not provide medical, legal, or psychological advice, do not diagnose, and do not deal with the prevention and treatment of diseases. The user is not a patient of Ornament.

If you have health problems or are in doubt about your test results, contact your healthcare professional or licensed healthcare provider. If you think you have a medical emergency, call your doctor right away or reach out to emergency services.

Basic Rules

1. Swearing and profanity. The use of vulgar words and expressions, swearing, and insults is prohibited. Posts using such words and phrases will be deleted. Sexting is prohibited. We remove posts that demean or defame individuals.

2. Advertising and spam are prohibited. It is prohibited to publish materials that imply or coordinate advertising of goods/services (including the use of which is strictly regulated by applicable law), medicines, medical devices, and medical equipment, including self-promotion and spam. The advertising of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products is prohibited. It is forbidden to post links to third-party resources containing advertisements of goods, third-party services, medicines, medical devices, or medical equipment. The publication of contact information of any kind for sales and advertising purposes is prohibited. It is prohibited to promote or coordinate the use of medicines, food supplements, vitamin complexes, medical products or medical supplies, medical devices and medical equipment, and medical assistance of any kind, including those offered free of charge. We may allow publications that are intended to provide information about the use and disposal of, for example, protective masks.

3. Bullying and harassment are prohibited. Repeated contact with another user or moderator will be considered unwanted, harassment, and spam. It is forbidden to attack or call for injury, death, physical harm, or generally support violence against a specific person or group of people. It is forbidden to post links to third-party resources containing and/or providing access to illegal content, including content with elements of violence, records of violent actions, and/or attempted violent actions.

Discrimination. Publications containing negative statements and/or statements about gender identity, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, age, and political views, including expressing contempt or disapproval, are prohibited.

4. Fraud and deception. We remove content that is intended to deceive, mislead, or obtain unfair benefits from users. It is prohibited to publish, advertise, encourage, or allow the dissemination of stolen third-party information, exam papers and answer sheets, educational or professional certificates, fake reviews, or other actions of a fraudulent or dishonest nature.

Criminal activity. Supporting or praising individuals or groups of individuals engaged in illegal activities is prohibited. Allegations of criminal or illegal behavior are prohibited.

Fake account. It is forbidden to register as a user on behalf of another person, impersonate another person, or on behalf of a legal entity. The application is intended for personal use. If we identify fake accounts, we can block the account without clarifying the situation and notifying. When blocked, any account information is canceled. It is forbidden to mislead users using someone else's account.

5. Medical consultations. It is forbidden to post comments containing diagnosis, diagnosis counseling, recommendations for specific medical services, procedures and/or interventions, evaluation of disease therapy, proposals for changes in therapy, prevention and/or treatment of diseases, specific changes to treatment, prescriptions of medications and drugs, consultations on methods of the delivery of tests, and referral to a medical specialist. We are not responsible for such comments or their accuracy. We will remove such comments without notice and may block the related account.

Consequences of breaking the rules

We will remove any inappropriate posts or comments without notice.

We have the right to suspend, restrict, or terminate the user's access to the offending account or to any of the sections and/or functions of the App, as well as delete the account of a user who systematically violates the Insights Rules or Terms of Use without giving notice.

Any user can report a post that they consider inappropriate. We understand that you may not like some publications, such as those that differ from your own opinion. If you disagree with the user's opinion, do not send a complaint to the Support Team. However, if you see a post that contains inappropriate content, or you witness misconduct from other users, please contact Support.

If you have any questions or suggestions about Insights Guidelines, you can send them to Support at hello@ornament.health or through the app via the Settings -> Ask the Support Team.

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