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Creating multiple profiles

Using one account, you can make separate profiles and monitor the health of multiple family members, including children. An important note: Ornament only provides analytics for adult data. Children develop in different ways, making it impossible to display average values or automatically analyze data.

You can create additional profiles in the “More” section by clicking on the plus sign in the list of profiles.

When adding test results, you must switch to the profile of the family member whose tests you want to upload. If you email test results, they are automatically applied to the main account profile. To transfer the results to another profile, go to the "Analyzes" tab, select the required report, and tap the "Pencil" button in the upper right corner of the screen. There you can select the profile you want. This same method can be used to change the profile for an already digitized report.

The main profile in the application must be a profile of a person over 18 years old.

You can upload your family member’s health information if you have access to the information with their consent, or under applicable domestic laws. Usually, you can upload tests from your minor children (under 13) if there are no restriction orders.

Otherwise, your actions may violate Ornament’s Terms of Use.