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How it works

How can I download and install the app?

Ornament is available in the App Store and Google Play Store. After downloading and opening the app, enter and confirm your email address. Confirmation is done using a code sent to your email address. After filling out a profile, the application is ready to use.

What should I do if I don’t receive a confirmation code?

Check to see if it wound up in your spam folder. If it’s also not there, please contact technical support. This can be done through the Settings section of the app or on the Ornament website.

How and why should I create a profile?

Profiles can be created through the app. Separate profiles can be created for all your family members, both children and adults. The main profile must be someone 18 years or older.
Profiles allow Ornament to provide more specific reference values for biomarkers. Reference values in the app take into account the sex and age of the user’s profile to provide more relevant information.

How can I upload test results?

You can upload images of test results directly in the application, in the "Lab tests" section, or you can upload photos and pdf files from your telephone. In addition, you can upload the results by sending or forwarding them to the email in PDF format. The file must be sent from an address that has been registered in Ornament’s system. One document can be uploaded only once. In addition, data can be entered manually.

Can I upload results of instrumental examinations like MRI scans?

Yes. The results of medical ultrasounds, MRI scans, and CT scans can be stored in the application.

What document formats does Ornament support?

Ornament supports documents uploaded in JPG, PNG, and PDF file formats. Any file must be no more than 30 MB. Ornament cannot process handwritten text — all information must be typed. Currently, Ornament supports results in English or Russian.
In order for us to correctly process a laboratory analysis:

  • The analysis must be formatted as a table.
  • Each biomarker must be on a separate line.
  • Each biomarker must have only one value. A reference interval can also be specified.
  • A biomarker can occur only once per analysis.
  • Photographs should be clear, evenly lit, and free of other items. Only one page per photograph is supported. Results will process more easily if documents are photographed or scanned straight without any tilting.

Why are my results not immediately visible in the app?

Ornament additionally verifies all results to ensure accuracy. Processing can take several minutes up to one day. After verification, results will appear in the app.
Even after additional verification, errors may still occur. Ensure the information in Ornament is accurate by comparing with the original document. If any errors have occurred, you can manually correct them in the app.

How can I find out if my results uploaded properly?

When the test has finished processing, a push notification is sent.

What do the symbols near biomarkers mean?

Green or yellow signs are placed near each biomarker indicator.
The green circle means that the reference values are within normal.
The yellow arrow means that the indicator is either above or below normal levels.
The dark green circle indicates that the biomarker is at the optimal level.
If pregnancy mode is enabled, a special icon will appear on the chart.

Can I access Ornament using a different device?

If you log into your account from another device, all of your previous data will be available. To save new data, the Cloud Storage function must be enabled through the Settings section in the app. If you bought a subscription to Ornament, you can restore your account on the new device through the Settings in the Ornament app.

How can I share my tests with another person?

If you have a basic account, you can send a link to the test for another Ornament user to access. Ornament Plus users also have the option to export their tests as PDF files or share data through email or text message.

How can I be sure that my tests will not be lost?

Digital results are linked to your account and specific email address. So long as Cloud Storage is enabled (it is by default), images and results will be saved to the account.

How can I post a question for a medical advisor?

Through our Community section, you can ask questions for the Ornament medical advisor or other application subscribers. You can do so through the “Start the Discussion” button by selecting a topic and writing your message. Our medical advisor usually answers within one day. Please note that our physicians only advise on laboratory test results. Currently, consultations are only available to Russian users.

How can I access the Pregnancy mode?

An Ornament Plus subscription is required to use the Pregnancy mode. This grants access to the Pregnancy Schedule, specific information for expectant mothers, and extra biomarker analysis to monitor the health of you and your child.

How can I delete my account?

You can delete your account in the Settings section. Note that this action is irreversible and all information you have loaded will be lost.