Lab Reports Digitizing Rules

Which documents Ornament can digitize

  1. Ornament can digitize *.jpg (*.jpeg), *.png and *.pdf files.
  2. Each file should be less than 30 MB in size. PDFs have to contain no more than 10 pages.
  3. We can digitize printed documents, but not handwritten. The document can be either in english or in russian.
  4. Ornament can digitize your tests correctly if you follow these rules:
    • The test contains tabular data.
    • Each biomarker is on its own row.
    • Each biomarker has only one value. Also a there can be a reference interval.
    • Each biomarker occurs only once in a document.
  5. Ornament will process the document faster if:
    • The document is photographed directly, without tilt.
    • The photo is sharp and uniformly lit.
    • There are no extra objects on the photo.
    • One paper per photo.

Uploading documents to Ornament

  1. You can make photos inside Ornament or select files from the phone's gallery.
  2. Also you can send or forward the documents to
  3. Please, don't upload the same document multiple times.

Test verification

  1. Digitized documents go through the verification step. Usually the whole process does not take more than two working days.
  2. Although we verify all the results, some errors can occur from time to time. You can fix these errors manually.

The biomarkers

  1. Currently Ornament supports more than 2300 biomarkers, and this number is constantly growing. All unsupported biomarkers and biomarker measures are skipped. If there is a typo in biomarker name, that biomarker will also be skipped.
  2. When we add new biomarker to Ornament, older test to not get updated. You need to update them manually.


  1. When the test finishes digitizing, we send you push notification in the app and an e-mail.
  2. Currently we do not notify you about new supported biomarkers.