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How to prepare results for processing

To ensure the accuracy of results and interpretations, it is important that they are processed correctly. Therefore, we have rules that are important to follow.

Supported documents and formats

  1. Ornament can recognize the file formats *.jpg, (*.jpeg), *.png, *.pdf
  2. A file must be no more than 30 MB in size.
  3. Ornament cannot process handwritten text. All information must be typed.
  4. Currently, processing supports the following languages: English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Ukrainian and Russian.
    Mandatory requirements:
    • Analysis must be supplied in table form.
    • Each biomarker should be on its own separate line.
    • Each biomarker should have only one value. A reference interval can also be specified.
    • A biomarker can occur only once in one assay.
  5. Ornament will process your analysis quicker if:
    • The document was photographed or scanned straight without any tilting.
    • The document is in focus and evenly lit.
    • No other objects are in frame.
    • There is one sheet of paper per photo.

Loading data

  1. You can take pictures of reports in Ornament, or you can upload photos and pdfs from your phone.
  2. Reports can be downloaded by sending or mailing them to This works only for users registered in the application. 3. We do not process requests from people who are not registered in the Ornament.
    Each document can be downloaded only once.

Analysis processing

To ensure accuracy, we double-check all results. As such, result uploading is not instantaneous. In most cases, processing takes no more than two business days.
Despite additional checking, errors can still occur. After your results have digitized, it is best to compare them to your original document. Discrepancies can be corrected manually.


Currently, there are more than 4400 biomarkers in Ornament’s database. We are constantly expanding our information, but it is still incomplete. If any biomarkers from an uploaded report are missing, the rest of the test will still be digitized. You can also request new biomarkers be added.

Ornament will not include any biomarker values given in units of measurement not present in the app. Typos or other mistakes in biomarker names may also cause them to not upload correctly. If a biomarker is later added to the database, you can manually update your previous results to include it.


Ornament will send you a notification when results processing has completed.