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Personal data protection

Where do you store information?

We work with the best and selected data centers only. We work with the data centers using advanced technologies to encrypt all data. Backup copies are kept updated so that nothing is lost. All data transmission is done through protected protocols, and all personal data is accessible only by the account owner.

How do you protect the data?

We use SSO technology to protect users’ records. SSO is a convenient and highly reliable data protection system that enables only the owner to have access to data. Account owners can also choose devices that are permitted.
Sometimes, Ornament may handle data directly for additional verification. When this occurs, all data is anonymous — no personal data or identifiers is transmitted.

How can I be sure that my personal information will not enter the public domain?

Ornament does not need your name to find the best way to monitor your health. You can use Ornament with any name — even a fictional one. No verification is required to use the application.
We don’t store or even see payment data: payment is processed through the App Store or Google Play.
Details on how data is used can be found in our Security Policy.

What will happen to my data if I delete the account?

All information will be fully deleted without the option to restore it.