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About Ornament

What is Ornament needed for?

Ornament means continuous monitoring for your health. It stores the results of tests you’ve had done, analyzes information, displays how your body’s systems are doing, and gives recommendations for further steps. Ornament does not cure you — it helps you to not get sick! Ornament also includes a support community where anyone can ask questions and get a variety of responses.

What does Ornament know how to do?

Ornament processes and stores lab test results and dynamically tracks any changes that apply to you. You can send the results of laboratory tests to us for digitization or enter the data manually. After either method, the information then appears in the app. Ornament currently has information on more than 3,400 biomarkers, and we constantly add more. Based on the results of your analyses, Ornament points out what systems or biomarkers need more of your attention. We also have the Community — a space where you can anonymously talk about your indicators, ask health-related questions, and engage with Ornament users and those who can provide consultations on your medical tests.

What advantages does the Ornament subscription have?

  • Forms can be digitized without any restrictions
  • Reports can be exported in PDF format
  • Access to a library of biomarkers with detailed descriptions and reference values
  • Access to a library of various diseases
  • Dynamic tracking of changes in health
  • A ”Pregnancy” mode for expectant mothers
  • Access to articles on health and leading a healthy lifestyle

Can Ornament replace my doctor?

Under no circumstances can Ornament ever replace a medical consultant or exam. It is important to regularly visit a physician and specialists, even if nothing is bothering you. Ornament helps you monitor your health, notices early deviations in indicators, and track the dynamics of your health. This is to keep you healthy for as long as possible, but Ornament is not a doctor.

Where can I find out more about Ornament?

You can get to know us better by visiting our website or following us on Facebook or Instagram