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People often have trouble reading medical tests - it can seem like you have to be a medical professional to make sense of them. Most people can’t figure out right away if “Hematocrit – 45%” is good, bad, or terrible. What does it all mean?

That’s why we created Health Advisor. The app groups all available biomarkers for each organ together into an easy to understand highlight and estimates the possibility of something being wrong. This represents your test results in a practical, straightforward way.


Health Advisor checks all values and suggests a possible diagnosis in the same way a trained professional would. Our algorithms compare biomarker values against those specifically associated with good health or specific illnesses. If your test results match unhealthy values (according to medical research and averages), then you are at higher risk of having a disease.

All health problems are related to different organs and body systems. Our app sets the default status of each organ as ideal – 5.0 points. If test results show you are at risk of having a disease that affects a particular organ, that organ’s score will be lower. This can be a sign for you to visit your doctor and receive professional medical advice. Points are calculated based on recent tests, no more than one month old.

Typical status reports:

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We hope that your test results will be easier to understand so that you can keep an eye on your health. Please, bear in mind that this is just a method to focus your attention on possible issues - not a replacement for consulting a doctor.

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