Ornament's features

Ornament has multiple advantages and more on the way. We have a lofty goal: to work with you to develop an app and companion that goes beyond effortless lab tracking to help you keep your whole health in order.

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Existing features

February 2019

It's easy and fast to enter tests manually

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February 2019

Shows trends automatically in beautiful charts

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February 2019

Ornament automatically shows the proper unit for each biomarker

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March 2019

Assesses health status and raises your awareness

How it works
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August 2019

Helps you keep track of the whole family

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September 2019

Reads PDFs and pictures directly from the lab

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January 2020

The in-app advisor will draw your attention to what's most important

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April 2020

Helps you arrange lab draws at the place that's most convenient for you. May not be available in your region

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Upcoming features


Your doctor can track your biomarker's changes

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Gives extra functionality for people with different conditions

Road Map 2


Create personalized vitamins based on your results

Road Map 3


Sends you at-home testing kits by mail

Road Map 4

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