We help people monitor and improve their health

We seek to make self-care a habit for everyone

We believe that preventive medicine has great potential and is the future of care. To help, we created a convenient app that makes it easy to monitor the state of the body and note any changes.

Over 2M app installsOver 100K active users monthlyOver 4M lab reports analysed

A team of professi­onals
and like-minded people

We’re combining our knowledge and experience to make Ornament even better. We even use it ourselves to monitor our health.

Elina Sharifullina, MD, PhD


Endocrinologist, M.D. Elina has devoted most of her life to medicine and has carried out scientific research in the fields of diabetes, obesity, central nervous system diseases, and biohacking. She was awarded the title of Best Young Scientist of Italy in 2006 and is also a winner of the international Human Frontier grant.

Dmitry Zholobov


Dmitry led teams to execute large-scale IT projects in enterprises around the world and taught mathematics for 14 years. He earned a Doctorate degree in Applied Mathematics. His desire for innovation and unconventional approach to problem-solving define Dmitry’s position as COO of Ornament.

Evidence-based medicine

We rely only on scientific facts and evidence-based medicine. It’s important for us not to make false statements or promises we are unsure about — and we employ a team of medical doctors to help us stay informed and accurate
  • Nelli Schulman
    Nelli SchulmanCardiothoracic surgeon
  • Suzanna Revishvili
    Suzanna RevishviliMD, PhD in Ophtalmology
  • Mendoza Sanchez Moises Augusto
    Mendoza Sanchez Moises AugustoM.D. Med consultant
  • Maria Privalova
    Maria PrivalovaDermatovenerologist
  • Oksana Klimova
    Oksana KlimovaEndocrinologist
  • Tatyana Surnenkova
    Tatyana SurnenkovaFunctional diagnostician
  • Oksana Krestova
    Oksana KrestovaEndocrinologist
  • Marina Kudryavtseva
    Marina KudryavtsevaPh.D. in Medicine
  • Elena Ischenko
    Elena IschenkoAllergist–immunologist
  • Lyudmila Eremina
    Lyudmila EreminaGeneral practitioner
  • Larisa Grigorievskaya
    Larisa GrigorievskayaObstetrician-gynecologist
  • Olga Polikina
    Olga PolikinaGeneral practitioner
  • Anastasiya Ugryumova
    Anastasiya UgryumovaDermatologist
  • Irina Tryakina
    Irina TryakinaInfectionist
  • Svetlana Evseeva
    Svetlana EvseevaGeneral practitioner
  • Alexander Barinov
    Alexander BarinovGastroenterologist
  • Vitaly Levin
    Vitaly LevinEndocrinologist
  • Diana Abdullina
    Diana AbdullinaEndocrinologist
  • Irina Razumova
    Irina RazumovaPediatrician, Phoniatrician
  • Zalina Dzhamaldinova
    Zalina DzhamaldinovaObstetrician-gynecologist

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