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How it works

Take a blood test at a lab and upload your results
See the complete picture and find out if something needs your attention
Learn how you can improve biomarker results

As simple as it gets

Rebecca monitors her biomarkers because they help her understand what her body needs. Keeping a spreadsheet with her test results is inconvenient and takes a lot of time. Instead, she simply uploads her test results to Ornament and immediately sees what her body needs.

Everything’s clear. Always

Julia re-took some lab tests but didn’t understand what her doctor told her about the results. She decided to figure it out herself later, with Ornament. It’s easy to access and always explains what to look for and why.

Safe and sound

Jordan regularly went to see his doctor, but recently moved states and made an appointment with a new doctor. Fortunately, he saved all his test results in Ornament, so his records are safe. Jordan simply shared his test results with his doctor using the app.

Why should I use Ornament?

Can I skip going to the doctors now?

How does Ornament protect my data?

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Can I use Ornament for my loved ones and family?

How can Ornament help my pregnancy?

Control your health with Ornament

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Over 1M app installs

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Over 4M lab reports analysed

We use modern data protection technology to keep your data secure
We transfer data only using a secure protocol and carefully selected data centers
We never sell our user data
Ornament doesn’t need any personal data, so you hide what you want


Ornament Invests in a Personalized Nutrition Platform Building Project

In a new investment round, British startup Vitl received 6.2 million pounds in funding for its personalized nutritional supplements. Ornament Health AG was the lead investor in this round.Read more

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